Men’s Style

I seldom write here because I’ve spending lots of time on learning new things since the beginning of this year. The main thing I succeed in is men's style. I have learned more useful things during this time than during last several years.

I decided to take right approach, and combine theory with practice. I have read some materials: book "Dressing a man" by Alan Flasser, a couple blogs and a forum. This book impressed me at first. Because of it I have become aware of language of style. I'm not fluent in it even now, but I became much better than before. Reading a forum to find actual advice from people who are in the know I came across several people who damn good with matter of appearance. They talked about topics that aren't covered in the book I have read. They share their opinions about practical matters. They live in Moscow and know our local specific.

Of course the thought that was on top of my mind at that time is "I want to get a feedback on my situation". I eagerly wanted to get a second opinion and I got it. Preparation took me about a week. I asked my friend to give me a hand with taking a couple of dozens photos to post on this forum. I also made it crystal clear of my expectations. To make feedback more precise I gave all necessary details of my purposes, social status, lifestyle, shopping habits and so on.

It was hard for me to post such kind of information about myself. Feedback often not pleasant. I knew it because I had a glance on several previous cases. On the other hand, the more opinions I get the better. After all, if I'm a bit scare of something, it means that I'll became stronger by doing it. Matter of privacy didn't bother me at that time, so it's was not a problem.

Because of feedback that I got I relived I made several of most common mistakes. First was about choosing right color of clothes. Clothes that I wear don't suits me well at present. I should pay more attention to pastel colors: blue, pink, and sea-green. I should avoid black and orange colors in clothes that I wear near my face. I also can make most of colors if add some contrast in clothes to compensate not absence of it in my appearance. I can do this with accessories: white pocket square, socks that are in color of shirts, scarf of pastel color.

Second advice was about my summer outfit. It doesn't suit me as I'm already not a teenager. I can exude more gratitude wearing sea style during summer. My denim shorts and canvas shoes make an impression that I'm trying to look younger despite the fact that my age is all over my face. Hurd times of management consulting don't pass without a trace. I also should get read of my Convers sneaks and substitute them with loafers. I have some vision of my new looks, but not ready to solve this particular problem yet.

Third advice was to change most of my shoes. They look cheap now. It's important thing because shoes should take about 30-40% of your wardrobe budget.

Now I know that good-looking person it's not just about his outfit. It's about face, body, fragrance, clothes, shoes, accessories. I learned a lot about face care, shoe care this three months. I also take some other actions. I will succeed with it. I'm just started.

I'll run a marathon this year. You've got my word

I met a girl in the middle of January. My friend recommended me to meet her last summer when it turned out that we've similar interests and background. We met on the third attempt, but it was definitely worth it.

I rarely meet people who seem to me self-sufficient and do things that matter. Maybe I just need to socialize more often. Who knows. Anyway, this girl made a good impression and this meeting was inspiring to me, actually.

I've got some stereotypes about women like they are not those who I need to take seriously when we're talking about discipline, efforts and pure energy. All of the things without which you can't succeed in goals that demand natural, honest growth. I'm not talking about inability of women to succeed in something. I'm talking about specific fields where success depends on you only, where you can't use someone else's help. The fields where tricks don't work.

This time I met a girl who is better than me in things that I feel important. She captured my interest almost immediately. She ran a marathon last September. I didn't. She's preparing for Tokyo's marathon that was held a week ago. I felt uncomfortable running when the temperature is below zero. I exercise six to eight months a year only. When I was looking at her the thought that I need to catch up came to my mind. The sooner, the better.

I was thinking that I have nothing but my job, a week ago. Suddenly I realized that in six months I'll be 27 years old and it seems that I'll have the same limited life experience. I decided to run a marathon this year, bought warm clothes and did three workouts during this week. 

I want to upgrade myself in some other interests, but I need to take one step at a time and give it at least a couple of weeks to get used to my new way of life with exercises. Maybe I'll put my efforts in spoken proficiency in English despite the fact that it can cost me a fortune as our currency (rubles) blew up and costs twice less in dollars than six months ago.